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NISOS 2024

nisos ss24


« Ο έρωτας
Το καράβι του
Κι η αμεριμνησία των μελτεμιών του
Κι ο φλόκος τής ελπίδας του
Στον πιο ελαφρό κυματισμό του ένα νησί λικνίζει
Τον ερχομό... »
- Ο. Ελύτης


The Designer

Vivian Pappa is a true Athenian, dividing her time between the urban heart of the city and tranquility of the southern coast.

This duality defines her style and provides daily inspiration, combining her love for both the bright lights of the capital and the dazzling sunlight reflected on the sea.

Her designs aim to bring a touch of this magic to every woman who chooses to dress herself in the spirit of Dyemonde.